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Wood Heating

An efficient wood combustion heater (not an open fire) used properly with seasoned hardwood logs is the most environmentally friendly form of wood heating. It wins hands down over electric and gas heating, especially when you can use local, sustainably harvested timber. All of the timber for our fire will come from trees grown right …

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Solar Hot Water

Switching from electric to solar hot water was one of the easiest and most effective ways we cut our energy bills and reduced our households greenhouse gas emissions. Electric hot water systems are the most common way household water is heated in Australia. Depending on the household, they can be responsible for anywhere between 25% …

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Solar Power

Our 1kW solar power system produces twice as much energy as we consume – making us a solar power company! Over a year our system averages about 4kWh a day and we only use 2.5kwh. Of course most people use much more power than this (an average for a 2 person house is around 14kWh), …

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The GreenPower stamp of approval lets you know the electricity you’re buying is supporting the production of renewable energy, like solar and wind. Switching to GreenPower is easy, as there’s no change in the way electricity comes into your home. The bit extra you pay is easily off-set by taking steps to reduce your energy …

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There’s nothing better than coming home to a house that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. Installing insulation was one of the easiest and most effective ways we managed to reduce our energy usage to only 2.5kWh a day. Insulating the roof made a surprisingly big difference to the temperature of our house. Where we …

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Energy Revolution

We’re on the verge of a really exciting energy revolution. Renewable energy will rapidly replace coal as we increasingly realise the effects of burning fossil fuels. And we will experience ‘peak oil’ – when the demand for this limited resource truly outstrips supply, and the price of oil skyrockets. The benefits to our health and …

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