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The GreenPower stamp of approval lets you know the electricity you’re buying is supporting the production of renewable energy, like solar and wind.

Switching to GreenPower is easy, as there’s no change in the way electricity comes into your home. The bit extra you pay is easily off-set by taking steps to reduce your energy consumption, such as making sure everything’s turned off when not being used, insulating your home (new rebates coming in August!), or switching to solar hot water (new rebates coming in January!). It’s great because you can pay for however much GreenPower you can afford, by choosing between 10% or 100% GreenPower.

A number of different companies offer GreenPower – look around and find out who best suits your needs and budget by visiting The Australian Conservation Foundation has also published a helpful document reviewing GreenPower suppliers at happy earth.

We chose to go with 100% wind GreenPower from Origin Energy. We pay an extra 6.13 cents per kilowatt hour. All we had to do was give them a call and switch over – it’s that easy and a great way to make a big difference. 

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