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There’s nothing better than coming home to a house that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. Installing insulation was one of the easiest and most effective ways we managed to reduce our energy usage to only 2.5kWh a day.

Insulating the roof made a surprisingly big difference to the temperature of our house. Where we could, we also put insulation in the walls. 

The insulating effect of different materials is measured in ‘R values.’ In Wollongong it’s good to have a minimum ‘R value’ of 2.5 for the ceiling, and 1.5 for the walls and under the floors. From our research, we found the best option for us was Bradford Gold Batts, because they’re:

  • Low allergenic and bio-soluble
  • Made from predominantly recycled glass
  • Easy to install yourself
  • Economical
  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of the property

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