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Making Every Drop Count

It’s really inspiring in the Illawarra to see all the ingenious ways people are making every drop count. From saving water in a bucket from the kitchen sink or shower and using it on the garden, to installing a rainwater tank we’re all trying to do our bit. And we’re starting to look at the big picture too, and think about how much water goes into our food, and other things we buy, as shown below. We’re realising that the solutions will be small scale, involving local water harvesting, and recycling water. It’s a really exciting time!


Water consumption profile for the average person in the Illawarra
Source: Australian Conservation Foundation Consumption Atlas


Small, positive changes to the way we use water, have many benefits for our local and even national community such as:

  • Relieving pressure on the mains water supply
  • Improving the water quality of local creeks, by minimising the amount of stormwater runoff from our property – stormwater often picks up pollutants, weeds and rubbish on its way into local creeks
  • Reducing the risk of flooding – and boy does it flood down the end of our street! People were up to their waists in water the other week, and our little street made the national news. So every bit of water we can stop running down the hill helps
  • By using and reusing water to grow food, we’re saving vast amounts of water and greenhouse gases which are wrapped up in food from the supermarket – see Garden Design.

Check out Water Management for how we go about making every drop count at Happy Earth.

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