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Wood Heating

An efficient wood combustion heater (not an open fire) used properly with seasoned hardwood logs is the most environmentally friendly form of wood heating. It wins hands down over electric and gas heating, especially when you can use local, sustainably harvested timber. All of the timber for our fire will come from trees grown right here on our small suburban block (mainly fruit tree prunings). It’s cost neutral, carbon neutral heating! And the ash will be returned to our soil as a fertiliser at the end of winter.

We make the most efficient use of our heater by:

  • Only putting it on when we really need to, and rugging up with warm clothes as a first option
  • Insulating the ceiling
  • Using heavy hemp curtains
  • Sealing cracks in the windows, floors and around doors
  • Heating only the room we’re using, and closing doors to other rooms

For more info about the benefits of wood heating compared to other forms of heating, check out the following article written by David Holgrem on Happy Earth.

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